GIITTV: SHURE MOTIV MV88 microphone review

Having played guitar and sung in numerous underperforming bands throughout my life, the success rate ranging from ‘non-existent’ to ‘vaguely popular with three people in Leicester for three weeks in 1993’, I know now what was missing: The Shure Motiv MV88 microphone!

Seriously though, this is a real demon of a piece of equipment. Plus, for all the Luddites out there like me (my other bandmates used to have to set my guitar levels and effects for me I was so incompetent), it’s an absolute doddle to use. Yes, even I can get the best out of it, largely due to the fact that to use it, you simply have to plug it in to any iOS device. That’s it!

What’s more, the sound quality is second to none, something we have long since expected from Shure, and they continue to deliver in that respect. It’s just a heck of a lot easier now!

Want a taster of how easy it is? Look no further than this YouTube video:

Matt Engstrom, who is Category Director for Wired Products at Shure says “We created MOTIV products to be an easy way for anyone to record high-quality sound directly onto many mobile and USB devices. With high-quality microphones and advanced DSP, they are great sounding and flexible products that live up to the quality standards for which Shure is known.”

It’s not just for musicians either – music journalists can remove the stress of interview transcription with the MV88’s perfect clarity, and it’s a podcaster’s dream too. And best of all, I can get through an entire recording session now without getting an electric shock!

You can buy the MV88 direct from Shure here:

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