GIITTV: Track Of The Day #1055: Steve Adey – God Is In The House (Nick Cave Cover) [PREMIERE]

Steve Adey releases his third studio album, Do Me a Kindness on the 4th of August. The album marks Steve’s first release in four years, following The Tower of Silence. Do Me A Kindness is stunning album of analogue recorded covers including tracks by David Bowie, PJ Harvey, Morrissey, and more. We have the premiere of Adey’s deeply impressive cover of Nick Cave‘s ‘God Is In The House’ a choral version recorded in a Church with its sparse echoing instrumentation and hymnal vocal harmonies, it reverberates with an affecting power, listen below. Here’s what Steve says about the cover:

I wouldn’t do a piano/vocal take of a Nick Cave song, especially a song taken from No More Shall We Part, probably my favourite Bad Seeds record. We recorded in a church and used a harmonium as the lead instrument. Helena (MacGilp) assembled a vocal group and we kept it really hymnal, asking the singers to feel like part of a congregation singing along rather than figuring out complicated harmonies. I added some minimal piano, mellotron and recorded some long reverb from the spire. It was about feel and balancing the instruments; two or three mics capturing the performance and the room.”

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