A Shoreline Dream the Shoegazers from Colorado, with the beautiful, poetic name, say they are releasing their fifth LP about… 2069 sometime! The fact is that they are not in any big rush, actually taking their time to write and arrange their musings and present a complete “trip” in 2018. Red, matured and mellow Shoegaze wine, with lot of attitude and some really interesting hints in their lyrics. The band is letting out their ever-evolving LP single by single, a quite unusual method, keeping the fans and all followers alert! So, here’s my interview with the band from Colorado, where they share many interesting facts about their universe.

Hello Ryan and Erik! What a poetic name – was that the intention?!…and I read that you come from Colorado.

Ryan: If you’re referring to “A Shoreline Dream”, the name itself was really just a play on the concept of those trying to live in a dreamland but realizing how much of a nightmare it all is at the same time.

Your third single “Whirlwind” envelopes a story of mourn, as well as a striking incident in your lives …would you like to share with us few details please?

Ryan: This song came to us in the most tumultuous time in my life and this song truly represents that chaos whirlwind of challenges to overcome. We’re all kinda waiting for those sirens if you know what I mean.

Back to music now. You are releasing your songs as singles from the ever evolving new LP. Some may ask “why”?, while others would ask “are they going to release 8-10 singles and then the LP”? But my own question is, when do you think you’ll be ready to release this album?

Ryan: Well at this rate, 2069 is more about the reality… but we’re stepping it up lately and developing a bunch of new ideas, and once we hit that magic feel to the album, it will be out! So who knows, it might even be 2018…

It seems to me that A Shoreline Dream are mainly referred as shoegazers, is that true? On the other hand, you blend you musical style with post-punk and some gothic “aspects”. What “guides” you in the arrangement of your songs?

Ryan: Genres are pretty much fashion statements more than anything. I don’t think we’ve ever actually been shoegazers, but it seems that in your early years you are thrown into a group, and that’s the genre we were attached to. I would probably just call us rock. But it really depends on the release as some of the songs are just “music” 😉 I would say I am highly, highly, highly influenced by early Dead Can Dance and Cocteau Twins, but I’m also the kind of guy into Ulrich Schnauss (of course) and Engineers. I just like good solid pieces that ever evolve as you listen to them. I’m hoping that’s what we’re making.

...and I couldn’t help but asking you – where are you musically inclined as musicians and as a band too?

Ryan: I don’t know where to put myself other than the producer of A Shoreline Dream. I co-write the music with Erik, sometimes Ulrich, sometimes solo and work out the final mixing and mastering. Live I would always traditionally sing and get crazy on guitar… had a really crazy show with Ulrich in SXSW as his guitarist for instance…

Where are you heading as a band?

Ryan: Well I hope to continue to make and produce music indefinitely… though we will die so that is impossible. I’ll try regardless!

Where is the “literature” in your lyrics and where these stories are come from?

Ryan: The lyrics are all coming from the general feeling I’m having when the song is being written. Last year with my Dad passing, some major life events taking place, and the struggles of day to day life, these songs erupted. Each one relating directly to what is being said, if you can somehow understand me.

How different is your fifth LP from the previous ones? Where are you pushing your music now?

Ryan: This for sure comes from the same place as the question previous. The music is all really just a series of life events. The tempos, the chord structure, the arrangements… It’s all relative to what is happening at the time. I can tell you now that our current song has a somewhat peppy mood, but not quite the same as the previous tracks. It’s moody but totally positive for a change. I love putting it all together and hearing the final mood, then sit on it, and come back again and hear what it was that we were trying to make. Sometimes it’s weird, sometimes it’s just straight up rockin’!

I know that Ryan is highly into pinball and horror movies. What other things do you get up to?

Ryan: I live in a haunted house themed arcade and it’s quite strange, since it’s also my main work space and art space. I’m always here it seems with Serana and it gets a bit overwhelming, but at the same time I love it. It’s confusing, but I guess that’s what’s shaped me into this pinball horror guy on the side who does video work for a living. Oh, and who also is in this band that also is a label. Always something crazy going on!

I saw that you’ve worked with Ulrich Schnauss and Mark Kramer in the past, and have also remixed a song by Engineers. What else should we expect from ASD?

Ryan: These tracks are all self recorded, mixed and produced. This can be a good thing, or it could be bad… I think so far we’re happy with the way it’s turning out, and feel confident in making the final call on each track. We’d love to work with a pro again, and who knows… maybe it will happen before we release this thing, but regardless we’ll love making it ourselves. The vision always seems to stay more intact if you can handle it on your own. I think once you hand it off, it could or could not miss the boat. It’s really just another variable to think about.

Thank you very much. Is there anything you’d like to share with our readers?

Ryan: Thank you for giving us the time and the space. It’s a tough world to try and continue to release physical products of a musical variety, and we couldn’t even begin to try without people like you.


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