Owen Jones: Prime Minister Corbyn would face his own very British coup | Owen Jones

The left underestimates the establishment backlash there would be if Corbyn were to reach No 10. They need to be ready

‘Do you really think the British state would just stand back and let Jeremy Corbyn be prime minister?” This was recently put to me by a prominent Labour figure, and must now be considered. Happily for me – as a Corbyn supporter who ended up fearing the project faced doom – this long-marginalised backbencher has a solid chance of entering No 10. If he makes it – and yes, the Tories are determined to cling on indefinitely to prevent it from happening – the establishment will wage a war of attrition in a determined effort to subvert his policy agenda and bring his government down.

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Every drop in the pound, every fall in the stock exchange will be hailed as a sign of economic chaos and ruin

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