Owen Jones: Brexit is a Tory mess. Labour has now shown it can clear it up | Owen Jones

At last a genuine alternative to chaos is emerging – but never forget who it was who plunged Britain into the mire in the first place

“We’re clearing up Labour’s mess”: that was the Tory refrain deployed against the electorate until its ears bled. But it was based on a cynical rewriting of history. Labour had not caused the global financial system to implode. The Tories had backed every penny of their opponent’s public investment until the end of 2008, despite their later, shamelessly dishonest narrative that overspending had caused the country’s woes. If Labour committed a crime, it was a failure to properly regulate the banks in an era in which the party was too in thrall to market ideology.

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For those of us who fear a destructive and disorderly Tory Brexit, a genuine alternative is at last emerging

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