Owen Jones: If my sister can be drawn into the anti-terror net, imagine the risk to others | Owen Jones

The police are subjecting British citizens – especially those from ethnic minorities – to state-sanctioned harassment

My twin sister, Eleanor, is not a terrorist. It is absurd to have to write this. Three months ago – after travelling to Scotland to attend our grandfather’s funeral – she was arrested at Edinburgh airport under schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000. She was forced to hand over her passwords for her mobile phone and computer; she was interrogated about the political beliefs of her relatives (myself included); and then was driven from the airport to a police station to have her DNA sample and fingerprints taken. After being detained for four hours, she missed her flight back to Berlin, where she lives: the police refused to even pay the cost of a ticket for a new flight.

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Allowing the threat of terrorism to deprive citizens of basic democratic rights is dangerous

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