John Naughton: Don’t worry about AI going bad – the minds behind it are the danger | John Naughton

Killer robots remain a thing of futuristic nightmare. The real threat from artificial intelligence is far more immediate

As the science fiction novelist William Gibson famously observed: “The future is already here – it’s just not very evenly distributed.” I wish people would pay more attention to that adage whenever the subject of artificial intelligence (AI) comes up. Public discourse about it invariably focuses on the threat (or promise, depending on your point of view) of “superintelligent” machines, ie ones that display human-level general intelligence, even though such devices have been 20 to 50 years away ever since we first started worrying about them. The likelihood (or mirage) of such machines still remains a distant prospect, a point made by the leading AI researcher Andrew Ng, who said that he worries about superintelligence in the same way that he frets about overpopulation on Mars.

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The bots and fake Facebook accounts that currently pollute our public sphere will look awfully amateurish in a couple of years

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Owen Jones: The Greens’ best hope is to sign up with Labour | Owen Jones

The party’s electoral prospects are poor. It should join Jeremy Corbyn and fight together for social justice and for the planet

It is surely time for the Green party to formally join forces with Labour. Sounds like an absurd proposition? It would unite the British left under one banner, bring one of the country’s most inspiring politicians into the spotlight, and reinvigorate the cause to save the planet from environmental destruction. It’s exactly the arrangement that has existed between Labour and the Co-operative party for nine decades: indeed, there are 38 MPs who belong to both. Rather than proving the death of green politics, such a pact would give it new life.

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It is hardly controversial to point out that Corbyn is closer to Lucas politically than he is to many of his own MPs

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Jeremy ‘Stalin’ Corbyn really does have some explaining to do now it’s clear he gave Czech spies information about Margaret Thatcher’s breakfast

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