Owen Jones: ‘Tommy Robinson’ is no martyr to freedom of speech | Owen Jones

Members of the far right are more interested in restricting civil and religious liberties than defending the right to expression

They are the victimisers who clothe themselves in the garb of victimhood. “Free speech” is their mantra, but it is nothing more than a political ploy, a ruse, a term the far right wilfully abuse to spread hatred. The arrest and jailing for contempt of court of Stephen Yaxley-Lennon – not “Tommy Robinson”, a name he revealingly took from another football hooligan when he founded the far-right English Defence League – has quickly been mythologised by the international far right as yet more martyrdom. It is victimisation of brave truth-tellers, they screech, by an establishment at war with western culture.

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John Naughton: China is taking digital control of its people to unprecedented and chilling lengths | John Naughton

The Chinese government’s unsettling new system will see citizens rated by ‘good deeds’

Watching Donald Trump trying to deal with China is like watching a clown dancing in front of an elephant. The US president’s entire approach is transactional – the methodology he employed in his allegedly successful career as a property developer. It’s all sticks and carrots, bluff and counter-bluff, aggressive bluster followed by rapid retreats.

Sometimes, it appears to work. For example, the Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, clearly leant on Kim Jong-un to force him to agree to a summit meeting with Trump. But then Xi leant on Trump to rescue the Chinese tech company ZTE, brought to its knees by a US ban because it had evaded sanctions on trade with Iran. Trump duly complied and ZTE executives breathed again.

Examples of deductible behaviour can apparently include not showing up at a restaurant without cancelling your booking

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