Owen Jones: Tories courted the Ukippers: now they’ll be consumed by them | Owen Jones

Britain should fear the consequences of the hard-right entryism birthed and nourished by the Tory leadership and press

There are several species of spider whose young hatch and gradually eat their own mother. The term for this macabre practice is matriphagy. This is now the fate of the Conservative party and its hungry Ukip offspring. Remainer Tory MPs are reporting sharp rises in applications to become members of their local associations – of up to 30% in the last three months. While dozens of Tory councillors defected to Ukip under David Cameron’s leadership, one report suggests at least 10% of Ukip councillors have gone the other way since 2015.

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Radicalised by Cameron and May, they are tired of extracting concessions: now, they must have a leader of their own

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