Owen Jones: So now the government wants non-EU doctors for the NHS? What hypocrites | Owen Jones

They would never admit it, but in their actions the Tories have conceded that migrants are a source of great worth and humanity

Successive governments have long scapegoated immigrants for social ills brought about by the powerful, but none have made it so core to their mission as this one.

In concert with a mendacious, bigoted rightwing press, immigrants have been blamed for stagnating wages caused by austerity and weakened unions, a housing crisis caused by a failure to build, a lack of secure jobs caused by rapid deindustrialisation, and strains on public services caused by ideologically driven cuts. And yet, without migrants, those services would collapse within hours. This is a fact admitted by this migrant-baiting government, but sadly in deed rather than in word. It has just been revealed that the government will relax immigration rules to allow more non-EU doctors to come to Britain because of shortages of medics – shortages that the Tories are themselves responsible for.

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