Owen Jones: A second referendum is a bad option for Labour. But it may be the only one left | Owen Jones

Corbyn’s attempt to unite leave and remain was right. But a people’s vote may be the only solution to the Tories’ toxic mess

To be a Brexit pragmatist has become an increasingly dispiriting and lonely experience. The middle ground on Brexit has been systematically torched from both ends. To desire a compromise was, in the aftermath of the referendum, a position shared by a large majority. During the horror show that was the referendum campaign, the likes of Nigel Farage hyped up Norway – which is a member of the single market – as a shining example of how Britain could thrive outside the EU. Two years ago, polling suggested that a very narrow majority of remain voters believed that “now the British people have voted to leave the government has a duty to carry out their wishes and leave”. There is a historical revisionism fashionable among some which claims that Labour’s 2017 surge was down to remainers lending their votes, rather than the party’s radical prospectus; but as polling found after the election, just 8% of Labour voters named Brexit as the most important issue behind their vote.

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