Tory MPs beware: if you whip up an angry mob, they may end up angry with you | Marina Hyde

Dominic Cummings wants a ‘people v parliament’ election. But what happens afterwards? You, then, are ‘parliament’

Drawn increasingly into darkness and rage, the UK government functions as a promotional tie-in for the controversial Joker movie. Out next week, kids. Think of it as a Tory conference chaser. For now, it’s great to see everyone’s favourite political incel break cover, as Dominic Cummings makes a series of appearances among the chaos to announce: “We are enjoying this.” Such a self-styled antihero. He used to think what happened to his Brexit was a tragedy, but now he knows it’s a comedy.

The latest clip ends with Cummings blowing a kiss to the news cameras, a reminder that politics allows some people to play out a wishful version of themselves that would be laughed out of town anywhere normal. In any sane arena, Dominic is the answer to the inquiry: “What would happen if you shaved Quentin Tarantino’s head but kept everything else much the same?”

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard this line “the revolution devours its children”? That’s you, babe.

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