John Naughton: @realDonaldTrump shows Twitter knows which side its bread is buttered | John Naughton

No one else would get away with the things the US president tweets but he is so very good for the (social media) business

When Donald Trump first appeared on Twitter, two thoughts came to mind. The first was that he was an absurd candidate for the presidency. The second was that he had a remarkable intuitive understanding of the possibilities of 140-character discourse. In a public lecture some time after his election, I rashly opined that “Trump is to Twitter as Michelangelo is to sculpture”.

As ice formed on the upper slopes of my (predominately liberal) audience, I realised that this was not a tactful observation. Michelangelo’s genius, one infuriated listener pointed out, was deployed in creating uplifting works of art, whereas Trump’s tweets merely plumbed the depths of human nastiness. Which was spot on. But it nevertheless remained true that Trump is surpassingly good at what he does, which is polluting the public sphere, infuriating his opponents and pandering to the inner demons of his supporters.

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David Cameron’s ‘greased piglet’: a fitting image for the Brexit moment | Marina Hyde

It’s entirely fitting that the former prime minister went there at a time of maximum national derangement

There’s a real sense of occasion now we’ve almost reached the bit of Brexit where the elites who gifted it to us don’t have to pretend anymore. Always ahead of the curve, David Cameron is leaning in to the coming winds of financial and ritualistic deregulation with demob abandon. Speaking in Harrogate to promote his book on Thursday night, Cameron predicted success for Boris Johnson and his deal. As the former prime minister put it: “The thing about the greased piglet is that he manages to slip through other people’s hands where mere mortals fail.”

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