John Naughton: It’s time for Zoom to look at the bigger picture

Zoom is rapidly becoming a synonym for video conferencing – so it needs to grow up and take data security seriously

If a week is a long time in politics, then it’s an eternity in a pandemic. A month ago nobody – save perhaps employees of globally dispersed corporations – had heard of Zoom, the video-conferencing system. Now it has apparently become a critical part of our national infrastructure as many in the population try to work from home. Zoom is currently the most popular Apple download and second most popular Android download in the world. Just as “to Google” has become a synonym for “search online”, now “Zoom” has become a verb.

This is, of course, great for Zoom Video Communications Inc. Its share price has more than doubled in the same few weeks that most stocks have plummeted. However, becoming top dog in a networked marketplace has its downsides. One of them is that journalists start digging into your past. Another is that you acquire new responsibilities.

Zoom clearly had no idea what data Facebook was collecting

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