The politicisation of immigration

This is based on the UK experience, but I think some of this will also apply in the US. Why do right wing politicians push an anti-immigration platform? The obvious answer is that immigration is an important concern to their voters, and that is certainly correct.

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Owen Jones: Anti-trans zealots, know this: history will judge you | Owen Jones

Those who resisted gay rights have been damned. The same fate awaits bigots who dismiss trans rights

It all seems so chillingly familiar. As gay and bisexual men and women were making limited strides in the struggle for equality not so long ago, a furious backlash followed. Today’s media-driven moral panic over trans people and their rights seems like history repeating itself. Over the past few weeks, there have been almost daily articles in the press targeting trans rights and trans people. The tropes are the same. Back then, gay people were sexual predators; a “gay lobby” was brainwashing children; being gay was a mental illness, or just a phase; and gay rights was political correctness gone mad. Replace “gay” with “trans”, and that’s the state of the British press in 2017.

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Owen Jones: Online abuse must be curbed. But who decides where the line is drawn? | Owen Jones

While rightwing papers call for better regulation of social media, history shows us that when such crackdowns happen it is often the left that suffers the most

Few would deny the importance of tackling online hatred or child abuse content. The internet, after all, has become a key weapon for those who disseminate and incite hatred and violence against minorities, and for those who pose a horrifying threat to children. It is difficult, though, not to feel discomfort about three rightwing newspapers – the Sun, the Daily Mail and the Times – all leading on the perils of social media.

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The press portrays the left as the perpetrators of online abuse, ignoring the open sewer of rightwing hatred online

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