Mark Lanegan – Straight Songs of Sorrow

The multi Moon offending Mr Lanegan released some of the top albums of the noughties and early teenies.  His last couple of LP have merely been very good and rather familiar sounding. Now just six months after his last LP, he has released one of his finest. It is 15 tracks inspired by his own life story and has been released along with his new memoir – Sing Backwards And Weep

Sonically it harks back to the balladry of his early solo LPs, but brilliantly adds in the electro of the Blues Funeral era. It also has a wonderful duet with his wife that is reminiscent of the time he leant his dulcet tones to the songs of Ms Isobel Campbell

2019 One That Got Away #12 Liz Lawrence – Pity Party

Miss Lawrence in London based, but from Warwickshire in Benighted Blighty. She was first brought to my attention via a God Is In The TV podcast in late 2019. This is her second LP, the first was released back in 2012 and in-between she has been one half of the of electro-pop duo Cash+David. The debut is described as lo-fi folk, but her latest is more modern Top Pop rock n’ roll.

Margaret Glaspy – Devotion

Ms Glaspy is a NY based Californian who is a multi Moon offender. In in last appearance in Top Moon Tunes 2018 Vol 3, I quoted her on NPR threatening that her next LP would ditch the guitar and the result is an LP of classy diverse modern Top Pop that also gets delightfully strange in places.

Pillow Queens

From Dublin and rather like an Irish version of the early Arctic Monkeys, but with stronger immune systems and fouler mouths. They first appeared on the VPME back in 2017 and were a 2019 band to watch on GIITTV, but were more recently brought to my attention by NPR

You can check out, advert free and on any device, all 10 tracks they have released since December 2016 on Bandcamp in a Playmoss playlist and it is also on Spotify

THICK – 5 Years Behind

Some relentlessly raucous rock n’ roll from Brooklyn in The Land of the Conspiracy Theorist in Chief. Great for jumping around in a confined space, or on the daily jog, or for a key worker on their home commute and dreaming about what they would like to do to members of our so-called government.

Another one brought to my attention by the feed of the works of Mr Von Pip. Check out his album review. They have also released a few EPs, which are also on Bandcamp and only one of the tracks make a reappearance on the LP. You can also listen to a playlist of 22 tracks of relentlessly raucous rock n’ roll on Spotify