Johanna Warren – Chaotic Good

Miss Warren is from Portland, Oregon and was first brought to my attention by FRUK with the release of her last and 4th LP, which intrigued me but did not quite float my boat. This new LP has also been reviewed by NPR Music and FRUK point out that  the “quiet-folk of her previous work is a million miles away” in a review with the headline “A Glorious Metamorphosis”. It is more Top pop rock n’ roll than folk and it does get gloriously deranged at times, but also has moments like Hole in the Wall that are peak Laura Marling.

Ganser – Just Look At That Sky

Some blistering rock n’ roll from Chicago. It took me a while to get into as the songs are not all that distinct, but the sound is incredible and the 8 tracks with vocals are more like duets, but duets with the lead guitar. It is their second LP and they were first brought to my attention by the AV Club, but the album was also reviewed by GIITTV.

L.A. WITCH – Play With Fire

Some top notch rock n’ roll from Los Angeles (there is a clue in the name). It is their second LP and they have been on the radar for a while thanks to the AV Club, NPR  and Mr Andy Von Pip.  I had thought they were a bit style over substance, but with this LP I have I found some top tuneage beneath the aching coolness.

DEHD – Flower Of Devotion

Dehd are a three piece from Chicago, Trumpyland and this is their 3rd LP. They have been described as Post Punk, but it would be a mistake to bracket them with the plethora of new Post Punk bands as this new album brings a bigger more rock n’ roll sound, with the brilliant and distinctive voice of  Emily Kempf, but with top songwriting that is shared between both vocalist. They are not reminiscent of any other particular band or bands I can think of.

Darren Hayman – Home Time

Another new album from a golden oldie that I have been aware of for many years. Mr Hayman has been releasing music prolifically since he formed Heffner back in 1995 and I have checked out some for his releases, but this is the first that has managed to float my boat and this is probably simply due to the fact that his ” love-worn, London voice is joined on every song by the sweet antipodean tones of Hannah Winter and Laura K”.

The Jayhawks – XOXO

The Jayhawks in a band name I have always been familiar with, but I have no recollection of ever hearing any of their music until the release of this LP. They were formed back in the 80’s and they were very much Americana trailblazers. Back then they were rather out of time and with this new LP they sound far more like a band from the mid 60s to early 70s rather than the 80’s. It is also different from previous LPs in having writing contributions from all four members and this has resulted in a classic sounding, but varied set of very high quality tunes.

Bryde – The Volume of Things

This is another artist brought to my attention by the feed of Mr Andy Von Pip. It is her second LP as Bryde and I had checked out her debut via Mr Von Pip, but this new LP is a more MOR rock n’ roll, but also more poptastic and with stronger tuneage and vocals that are very reminiscent of Gemma Hayes. She is from Wales and has been releasing since music 2007, mostly as part of the duo Paper Aeroplanes and numerous dance music collaborations.

Check out the album review from Mr Von Pip