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Laura Craik in the Evening Standard: She used to have Richard Godwin’s gig at The Standard, and he has been able to maintain her high standards. She did go off to write for the Daily Mail – which must have been a bit of an odd fit. Thankfully, she is now back at the Standard writing the “Trendwatch” section for the ES magazine. She has a brilliantly wry view of the fashion world: “Just when you thought it simply wasn’t possible for fashion to disappear further up its own arse, it has become even more exclusive” and manages, like Mr Godwin, to get a bit political.

In the funkay new Drupal Standard, she has her very own Feed, but as above you can sign up  for email alerts  via a  Feed43 Feed fed through Feedburner

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and self-proclaimed libertarian. If there is one blog worth following this is it.

Mark Steel in the Independent: Brilliant commentary on the absurd goings on in the political world in the UK which you don’t need to be some raving lefty to appreciate and find despairingly amusing. The feed http://feeds.feedburner.com/MarkSteelFeed43 now also had it’s very own blog from which you can also follow the feed by email, FacebookGoogle+ and Twitter

Owen Jones in The Guardian  He looks about 12 as you may have noticed with his frequent visits to TV studios, but he is very much old skool labour that is not quite the same as the mystical “Old Labour” which preceded Tony Blair. He was until recently with the Independent but has moved to the Guardian, and so he has a proper Feed

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John Naughton in the Observer: The professor of the public understanding of technology at the Open University. He is the author of From Gutenberg to Zuckerberg: What You Really Need to Know About the Internet.  And he tends not to mince his words. Below is a couple of good examples:

“the awful moment when the public sector has to upgrade its computers is approaching inexorably. Think of it as technology’s equivalent to the Scottish referendum.”

“Facebook, on the other hand, makes nothing. It just provides an online service that, for the moment, people seem to value. But in order to make money out of those users and satisfy the denizens of Wall Street, it has to become ever more intrusive and manipulative. It’s condemned, in other words, to intrusive overstretch. Which is why, in the end, it will become a footnote in the history of the internet. Just like Microsoft, in fact. Sic transit gloria”

The Observer is part of the Guardian online, and so a Feed is not a problem.

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Hamish McRae in the Independent: Like the redoubtable Antony Hilton in the Evening Standard, he did warn of the un-sustainability of pre-2008 and was also not convinced that we had a double dip but is also not convinced that the current recovery is very sustainable, but again thinks it is better than nothing. He is not as strident as Mr Hilton and tend to hedge his bets a bit, but he does some great analysis of the UK and worldwide economic issues.

Like the Evening Standard and because they have the same bearded owner, the Independent has now gone all Drupal funkey on us as well, and so each author has their very own Feed  which I have burnt to Feedburner for Email Alerts

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I may also add the odd article  to the categories above from the likes of  the aforementioned Antony Hilton from the Standard or Independent Voices from the likes of Ben Chu, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Matthew Norman or Maria Hyde from The Guardian  via Pocket and IFTTT. It can be done on just about any device, and it is pretty amazing that with these two brilliant free services you can easily share an article to multiple blogs/social media. The tags will add articles to the relevant categories in moonblogsfromsyb that will then send the article on to Facebook and Twitter and even the  Google+ page via Hootsuite (though this can now be done directly in WordPress)

WordPress does make it easy to follow categories (see above) or get the full feed or sign up for instant e-mails or of course just follow the original blogs/feeds

The content in brought to you by the wonders of ifttt.com

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