GIITTV: Actor John Simm urges people to unite in face of Manchester concert tragedy

The horrific events following a Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena last night, have deeply shocked and saddened everyone.Two explosions were heard in the venue’s foyer as the performance ended causing casualties, destruction and panic as the crosd rished to exits. It’s suspected that this act was carried out by a suicide bomber, these senseless acts of brutal psychopathic murder are made even more uninamingable given the target was a venue full of innocent young people and parents, simply out enjoying a live show for the night. Nobody should go to a gig and not home.

At the time of writing there are tragically 22 casualties, one shockingly as young as eight years old, there are over 60 injuried and still some parents wondering where their children are. We extend our deepest sympthaties to all of the victims and families and offer our solidarity to the emergency services and the people of Manchester.We hope the missing return home and those that are injured make full recoveries.

Manchester actor John Simm has urged people to come together and not to allow such disgraceful terrorism cause people to turn upon each other.But to unite in solidarity in the face of it, just as the residents of Manchester and the emergency services did last night.

Today, we are facing a tragedy and an injustice dealt by the hand of a violent extremist.

It’s hard to process one’s own feelings after something like this. Nothing can explain or make sense of the brutal murdering of innocent, young lives.

Oftentimes it seems that a tragedy like this can pull apart the fabric of our society. There is no sense in terror – its only mission is to destroy and divide us. But we cannot let them win.

Already in the immediately aftermath of this horrific event, we have seen the best of Manchester, a city I know and love deeply, and the best of each other. Without hesitating, people have opened their hearts and homes to one another, as fellow humans uniting behind their collective grief and suffering.

And it is this we must take forwards. We must look to our neighbours, family, and friends – because united we are stronger than any enemy, and any act of cowardice and destruction can be overcome by our collective strength – time and time again.

I am proud to stand with HOPE not hate to challenge hate and violence in all forms by offering a unified, positive alternative. I’ve added my name to a statement of positivity and support that will appear in tomorrow’s Daily Mirror.

Join me and honour the memory of those who have suffered by signing a message of hope, unity, and support here:
All the best,

John Simm

Actor and Mancunian’

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Anthony Hilton: Lloyds and RBS struggle to do what’s right

It is no real surprise if there should be a last-minute settlement of the legal action brought against Royal Bank of Scotland by shareholders who felt that they were not told the whole truth during the financial crisis when the bank asked them to put up more capital. Former chief executive Fred Goodwin is just one of several witnesses whose testimony might well highlight issues that the bank would rather keep buried. From

GIITTV: My Name Is Ian, Ani Glass, Mike Dennis amongst names for Healthy Mind Fundraiser in Cardiff this Summer

Healthy Mind is a fundraising all-dayer, whuch takes place at GwdiHw Café Bar, Cardiff on Sunday 16th July, when the venue will open its doors to a wide-range of live musical acts, guest speakers and open mic slots. A fundraiser that is looking to raise both money and awareness for two very different charities based in Cardiff; Hospital Radio Glamorgan and Cardiff Mind. The organiser of the event – Ben Gallivan – is a trustee and DJ at Radio Glamorgan and was one of the brains behind the highly successful Cardiff Mind Fest back in 2013 which raised a grand (and a monkey) for Cardiff Mind, a charity close to hearts of many of the performers over the weekend.

The event is set to raise funds for both charities, with a 50/50 splits from all profits going directly to them. Radio Glamorgan has now been broadcasting for 50 years and is based in University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff. The station is run totally by volunteers and relies upon donations and advertising in order to provide a 24/7 service to patients, staff and is also available online for all to listen.

Cardiff Mind has been helping those with mental health issues since the mid-1960s and currently has 70 staff, more than half of which are volunteers. The develop and deliver quality services to those experiencing mental distress in the Cardiff area and are striving to work towards ending the stigma associated with mental health.

Acts performing on the day include electro-poppers Ani Glass and Little Red and on the other side of the spectrum there’ll be some straight-up rock’n’roll from Nicotine Pretty (featuring ex-Sick Livers frontman Ginge Knievil) and Bristol post-rockers Falling Stacks. Inspired rapper/violinist Mike Dennis will also be performing as well as brining his MC skills to the open mic slots. There will also be some Welsh Bluesabilly from the estimable The Irascibles, quirky indie-folk from Aeddan and rounding off the night are the excellent power-pop trio My Name Is Ian.

More info and tickets (priced at £10) can be found here;

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Owen Jones: Manchester is suffering now – but its spirit will overcome this atrocity | Owen Jones

The love and solidarity of Mancunians shone through in their immediate response to the attack on the Arena. Let’s celebrate the city’s warmth and diversity

The hatred that drives someone to detonate themselves in a crowd of children and teenagers at a concert is impossible to reason with, to quantify, to properly understand. There’s a unique thrill of a gig at that age: those who went would have counted down the days, texted and WhatsApped their excitement in the hours leading up to it, and sang along with their parents and friends. You get this special sense of togetherness at a concert, instantly bound to strangers by your shared love of music that forms the soundtrack to your life. To listen to that joy, to see it etched on the faces of children, and then ensure the last thing you ever do is ensure their parents never hear them laugh again – that perverse hatred cannot be rationalised.

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GIITTV: Track Of The Day #1026: Artbreak – Will To Survive

Artbreak have an uncompromising view of the music industry – they don’t believe in EPs and albums, and until now have given away their music via Soundcloud and YouTube.  It’s an approach that’s already gained them the admiration of – and support slots with – big hitters like Adam Ant and Primal Scream, a list of fans that longtime David Bowie producer has also recently joined.

Visconti’s production of their official debut single ‘Will To Survive’ propels their churning blend of punk, pop and indie into another class. The centrepiece is singer Cole Salewicz’s dramatic vocal performance, relaying a tale of overcoming self-doubt and rising to the challenge of living life itself. If we tell you it was penned as an exasperated and immediate reaction to the election of Donald Trump last year, then you’ll probably begin to understand the passion and power behind its sentiment.

Visconti himself describes the band as “brilliantly clever” – and we are minded to agree!

Artbreak will play London Camden Black Heart on May 26.

‘Will To Survive’ is streaming exclusively on Spotify now before being released to all other major outlets via Audioboom on June 1.

Check out Artbreak’s previous recordings here.

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Owen Jones: Theresa May’s social care wobble – Election Daily podcast

Jonathan Freedland and Owen Jones are joined by Zoe Williams in the first of our daily podcasts in the run-up to election day. As the Conservatives rethink their unpopular social care plans, the polls are narrowing

In the first of our daily election podcasts, Jonathan Freedland and Owen Jones are joined by columnist Zoe Williams.

With the Conservatives on the defensive, polls are narrowing and their showcase policy on social care has been stuck with the label ‘dementia tax’. Today Theresa May ‘clarified’ that the policy would include an overall cap on costs. After a major wobble and a manifesto U-turn, could there yet be a twist in the tale of this election?

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