Owen Jones: Corbyn Mark II looks like a leader – now he must set out a clear, coherent vision

Hope for the future lies with critical friends of the leadership who should cheer when they get it right and point out when they get it wrong

Jeremy Corbyn was always going to win the Labour leadership. We live in an age of confident political predictions that are repeatedly proven to be unwise, but this was an outcome that was never in serious doubt.

Yet it is difficult to think of a greater defiance of political odds in modern times. The nearest competitor? Corbyn’s last election win.

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Stella Creasy: Children must not be left to rot in the mud of Calais – my plea to conference delegates over refugee crisis

This week a 14 year old boy – who had family in Britain waiting for him- died on a French motorway. A resident of the Calais jungle for months, he was run over trying to get into a lorry to make it through the channel tunnel. The driver didn’t stop.

WATCH: Ken Loach’s short film on Jeremy Corbyn

GIITTV: NEWS: Jane Weaver signs to Fire Records

Alt-pop artist Jane Weaver released her last album, The Silver Globe, in late 2014 via her own imprint Bird Records.  After 20 years chipping away at the rock face of experimental pop, it proved to be a commercial breakthrough, with the LP being praised for its strong melodic sensibilities and Weaver’s ability to blend together a wide variety of influences into a cohesive whole.

Since then, she’s played an extensive string of sold-out dates and made a number of appearances at festivals across the country.  Now, she’s signed to Fire Records, joining other musicians at the cutting-edge of experimental pop, including Death & Vanilla, Noveller Josephine Foster and Virginia Wing.

Weaver is now currently working on her seventh self-produced studio album, which will be another experimental take on pop using synth ridden sessions recorded earlier this year in Manchester.  The new LP is due out sometime in 2017.  Next month, Weaver will also be playing a couple of live dates in the UK.  Details below.

9th October – Rockaway Beach Festival, Bognor Regis
22nd October – Albert Hall, Manchester

Watch the video for ‘I Need a Connection’ below.

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Dave Hill | The Guardian: Sadiq Khan’s new TfL board’s first meeting: hopping, inclusive and refreshed

The Labour mayor’s choice of board members for his transport agency and his attitude towards its senior officers demonstrate the new approaches he requires

The first meeting of Sadiq Khan’s new Transport for London (TfL) board took place on Thursday, characterised by much newbie enthusiasm, an upbeat vibe and a few jokes from the Mayor in the Chair, determined to set a new tone to match the new approach he requires. The board’s job is approve TfL’s business planning and accounts and “other major and strategic issues and policies” and to see that the organisation’s top brass are doing their jobs. This means, among other things, asking intelligent questions at board meetings, which are held in public. The following are a few of the more diverting matters that were discussed.

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The VPME Track Of The Day (2) – Black Honey – Hello Today


Black Honey are back with another new song tune ‘Hello Today’ and it sounds very much like you’d expect a Black Honey song to sound. This is, of course, a good thing, a fusion of pop and rock with an upbeat and empowering tune that masks darker lyrics. Chris Ostler’s guitar riffing sounds wonderful, the only problem is it’s actually shorter than Ronnie Corbett in his stocking feet after an encounter with Wayne Szalinski’s electromagnetic shrinking machine – ‘ Honey I Shrunk Black Honey!’  

 It’s a tune that sounds exhilarating live and is another fine addition to a series of releases that starts to read like a greatest hits album. It also features artwork by the ace Nadia Lee Cohen, who we know from her fabulous work with Chloe Black and Shannon and The Clams – (hopefully, a video collab will follow ?)   Perhaps the only concern we have is, isn’t it time for that debut album to get recorded and released?  We aren’t quite sure about the logic of the record industry, but we do know for an unassailable F.A.C.T. that the biggest and most powerful labels still have offices in dormant volcanoes and hatch their evil plans which often involve making awful musicians famous! So wouldn’t it be nice if they reversed that trend and decided to help make a great band bigger than Jeremy Corbyn’s mandate? (which by all accounts is HUGE, not that he ever likes to talk about it you understand Smile  )  Isn’t it time a record label  stood up and roared “This is Black Honey, we love them and soon the world will know their name!”

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Black Honey - Track Of The Day VPME

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GIITTV: NEWS: Jenny Hval is streaming new album ‘Blood Bitch’ in full

Next Friday (30th September), Norwegian composer, producer and singer Jenny Hval is releasing her brand new album Blood Bitch.  The record, in Hval’s own words, is set to be an “investigation of blood.  Blood that is shed naturally.  The white and red toilet roll chain which ties together the virgins, the whores, the mothers, the witches, the dreamers, and the lovers.”

Across the last few months, Hval has shared a number of tracks from the LP, including ‘Female Vampire’ and ‘Conceptual Romance.’  More recently, ‘Period Piece’ was shared as an addition to the Adult Swim Singles series.  All of these tracks sit inside one of Hval’s most accessible works to date.  NPR are now streaming the album in full, a week early.  Listen below.


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GIITTV: NEWS: Watch a teaser trailer for ‘New Town Utopia,’ a film about Basildon, home of Depeche Mode

Basildon in Essex is well known for being the hometown of both Depeche Mode and Yazoo, but also suffers from a pretty terrible reputation.  Built as a ‘New Town,’ it was part of a plan to create social utopias and a “new type of citizen,” but the town is now a cultural void.  Filmmaker Christopher Smith (Arterial, Cumulus) and executive producer Margaret Matheson (Scum, Sid and Nancy) have now filmed a new documentary about the town.  New Town Utopia explores these grand dreams and the harsh realities of life in Basildon and the characters depicted in the film are all artists and musicians from the town.  They range from Steve Walters (the puppeteer behind Old Man Stan) to key players in the early 80’s electro scene.

Smith explained: “It’s a passion project – about a place that deserves better, the utopian ideas of the mid-twentieth century and the importance of art and music to our happiness.  Camus referred to Utopia ‘in contradiction to reality’… maybe new towns were an impossible dream.  It’s also a very relevant film for now – as the housing crisis exposes the long term impact of ‘right to buy’, globalisation decimates traditional high streets, and the Brexit vote revealed the depth of dissatisfaction of people with their lot.  This film is a chance to explore the complexities of a place so often derided on local and national level.  In doing so it reflects on the issues impacting all our towns and communities.  I wanted to do this in a way that reflects the spirit, down-to-earth humour, and incredible stories of people from the town.”

There is currently a Kickstarter campaign to raise £16,000 by 26th September in order to finance post-production. To donate or track the progress of the campaign, click here.

Watch the new teaser trailer for New Town Utopia below.

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